14 June, 2009

how the other half lives

last night we went out for ethiopian with a lovely couple i met at an urban planning lecture. yes, adults can meet new people, talk to them, like them and make dinner plans. it's much tougher than the sandbox way, and fraught with far more disappointment (those individuals that are all "let's go for coffee!" and then, lo and behold, refuse to follow through and do NOT go for coffee, the mangy pusillanimous bastards!) but sometimes it happens and things do click and before you know it you've put away a bottle of wine and a bucket of sangria and you're sitting in your backyard, brushing inquisitive aphids off your ankles and discussing life and urban planning and literature. very nice.

(last time this happened, that i clicked with a new grown-up, i was cleaning her teeth and thank god her mouth was clean because for all the talking we did the cleaning fell by the wayside, and now she's moving away to vancouver and i shall miss her tremendously but, g, you know i'll be living in your spare room before you know it.)

so the point is (oh! oh! oh! what is the point?!!!) that after all that i went to bed and fell asleep RIGHT AWAY. yes, gentle readers, i fell asleep like normal people. then mister monkey soggily joined me, failing yet again to grasp the finer points of Drying Your Wet Body post shower, and i woke up, talked to him for a bit and FELL ALEEP AGAIN!!! shocking, no? if this is what life is like for you, all falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow - you lucky shit! cause mine is all about the agonizing stretches of time spent trying to talk myself off the ledge of awakefulness that somehow always morph into worrying about the state of the ionosphere, or albania's sociopolitical situation, or the disturbing lack of local produce on planet organic's swanky recycled ethically harvested wood shelves.

the end.

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Anonymous said...

I'll miss you too my friend. Your room will be ready for you any time. And then you need to move out there. Am I repeating myself?