19 June, 2009


well it's a good thing i had that 15 minute nap yesterday afternoon, cause i had another sleepless night. 

body - i am getting a little tired of this, and i am THIS close to medicating the crap out of you. got that? good. cause from here on in, it's war, you selfish, non-responsive, heart-pounding bastard!

i spent the morning portion of the night dreaming of what dress to wear to a wedding. the high stress dreams, too, can go piss right off.

i'll tell you what i want (what i really really want - she'll tell you what she wants, what she really really wants), i want to fall asleep easily, sleep deeply and wake up refreshed. at this age, a sleepless night makes me look like an old woman and there aren't enough miracle balms out there to make it better.

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