23 June, 2009

the bit about the things that go on and on and get in the way of the other things that need to be done or why my living room remains unpainted

the last few weeks have been so maddeningly busy that my calendar is colour coded to ensure that i show up for work (as needed) and make it to family dinners and gatherings of like-minded individuals. yes, i even need to schedule in the spontaneity of gregarious wine quaffing et cetera. sigh.

some people (like my lovely sis-in-law) positively thrive on excessive business. not moi. moi, i like a nice blank slate of a calendar with the occasional work day (as needed) and a biannual concert thrown in for good measure. 

last night's sterling awards, following as they did on the heels of an entire weekend of daily chamber music concerts, pinned the proverbial feather to a camel's ass...or something: i need a breather. today, despite the beckoning cheshire grin of the improvaganza festival, i have decided to stay in, sort mister monkey's dress pants, shred important government documents (oops!) and eat rosemary cheese straws. 

tomorrow i have a morning egg run (not nearly as exciting as it sounds*), a lunch date with s, an early evening rendez-vous with a medical surgeon who will hack bits off my arm at my own request, followed by an ice cream date with the above mentioned charming sis-in-law. i am tired already, but want to check every single item off my agenda. i just wonder - when will the walls get painted? and who the hell is going to do it?

just imagine what it'd be like if i had a real job!

*under normal circumstances i'd comment "i need to get out more" but given the contents of this entire (rather dull) post, it might be more appropriate to say "i need to get out less"

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