23 June, 2009

awards night

so off i went with b into the night, be-girdled, be-coiffed, heels going all clickety clack on the vaguely sticky sidewalk. the night was my oyster.

we split a bottle of wine, i made several trips to the mayfield buffet (yes i did) and then we watched several hours of awards for shows i have never seen given to people i have (largely) never heard of and, lo, it was good, and funny and way more entertaining than the oscars. edmonton's got some wicked good talent and i think i need to rethink my anti-theatre stance. 

after the show, the dancing began. the band was ok if a little loud but the post-band dj was perfect. i haven't danced this much since...oh...years! my legs were sore but the inspired musical choices made sitting for long impossible. came home well after 2, washed my face and feet and fell face first into bed where of course i had to pay penance of 45 minutes of mental overdrive before falling into blissful oblivion.

a good night, overall. thanks, b.

p.s. oh, and i might have found me a new hairdresser! i'll keep you posted.

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