19 June, 2009

and another thing...

as much as i love our new tenants (what with the distinct lack of asshole dog in the picture, plus they are very nice and lend me onions), i am sick to death of the slamming of things. 

the all-hours-of-the-night slamming of the toilet seat on the toilet, the slamming of doors in their apartment, the slamming of the garden gate, the absolutely needless slamming of the back door, all the time slamming with the slamming of things, and then there's the slamming. could we please ease off just a wee bit? this is an old house and i fear we are one slam away from total structural failure. and i just may be one slam away from a murderous rampage...but then who would lend me onions?

sigh...it's all good. i'm just a tad cranky on this lovely summer morn, and i am about to go pay a woman to make me hurt a lot up and down a hill. frankly, i am a little scared.

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