13 May, 2009

whence came this power, and whither will it lead me?


ottawa was great. 

it was a lovely walkable city demonstrating what spring can be like in more civilised places, where the people are nice and there is a startlingly high percentage of very attractive men (noted on previous visit, re-noted this visit, and no, it's not the suits, i'm not the suit type). there were trees with actual leaves, grass that was ferociously green, and packs of wild tulips were roaming around, harassing the populace at large, but in a nice, tulipy sort of way.

multiple friends were met, mostly of the highschool variety. spouses were introduced, babies were cooed over, bounced and taught to high five (yaaay!!!), and, in the case of one exceedingly charming young lady, penguin-making options were (very) briefly reconsidered.

our bed and breakfast spoiled us rotten, what with the comfy bed, candlelit breakfasts of mouthwatering variety and nutritional balance, and the lovely hosts. highly recommended.

the wedding was one of the nicest we ever attended. we loved the presence of actual airplanes, the shortness of speeches, and the japanese song about sea cucumbers. my nylons did not rip until the very end and nobody threw up, so the evening can be called an unqualified success.

large quantities of poutine were consumed, with the unspoken (and deeply flawed) understanding that calories consumed during holidays do not count. 

we walked, and walked, and walked, and then we walked some more. i did not develop a single blister (how odd!) but managed to walk myself to extreme tiredness (odder still!). 


good friends, good food, not unusually excessive amounts of alcohol, rekindling old friendships, enjoying the company of charming babies, and spring, lots and lots of spring.

and then we came home where on this mid-may morning the temperature was in the single digits. alberta, you have smote me once too often, and i am through with you.

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