03 May, 2009

them ribosomes

speaking of endoplasmic reticulum (yes, yes we were, look down...further down...see?) - i have forgotten much (most?) of what high school had to teach me, but i think i shall forever be able to draw mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum (with or without ribosomes). such is the power of cellular squiggles presented repeatedly to a helpless visual learner. 

also, i will forever remember the disappointment of learning that monarchy returned after the french revolution. it was the first time i realised the cyclical nature of history and the fact that bloodshed or not, the poor stay poor, the clergy stay corrupt, and the new order invariably becomes exactly like the old order, but with different people in the dungeons. they started us on cynicism very very young.

but hey! i can draw you a mitochondrion! 

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