05 May, 2009

celebrity fucker list

 i just confessed to mister monkey my lustful yearnings for a patient (because he looked like this guy) and his reaction was pure mister monkey: joyful laughter. he's the coolest husband EVER. 

so then i had to introduce him to the marriage loophole list of 5 celebrities (thanks, dooce) that every member of every marriage should have. 

mister monkey called out (with much alacrity, i might add)"franka potente!" then began the long drawn out process of coming up with more names. 

"vanessa paradis" quoth he, "though i don't know what she looks like these days."

"better google image her," quoth i, "you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself."

he then scoffed at my suggestion of angelina jolie (who, i'm pretty sure, makes my list), "she's very pretty, i guess, just...not my type."

"that's ok," quoth i, "brad pitt doesn't do anything for me either."

than he jumped in with the whole idea that franka potente sometimes looks like a man, but that's ok. "actually," quoth he, "i think we should do away with the whole genderfication thing altogether."

people, be reminded - i married a POLISH man, and THIS is what i got! how cool is that?

then we stopped quothing at each other because we both must go to bed. yes, boys and girls, i am working again tomorrow, looking for more young boys to lick. (provided, you know this part, they look like this guy.)

good night, my sweet little lemurs. 

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