25 May, 2009

stop making scents

nothing to report here, except the fact that the earth will shortly disintegrate and the world as we know it will collapse in a maelstrom of fish heads and random shiny things: i am taking my books out of the boxes wherein they have lived for the last 2 years, and i am placing them on my bookshelves NON-ALPHABETICALLY. no, i am not on drugs. yes, it hurts. 

what hurt more, was having boxes of books all over the house and while we wait for one more shelf to come in on back order, i decided to bite the bullet and see how the other side lives. frankly, the other side sucks, but whatever. 

also, my mom is coming to visit, the library is also a spare bedroom and i thought she might appreciate non alphabetically arranged books more than sleeping on top of boxes. 

the end.

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