02 May, 2009

spring and cheezies

a friend recently recommended a "healthy" organic cheezie type product. the only problem with this product is that, unlike actual fluorescent orange cheezies, this stuff tastes like...cheese. you know, it tastes like actual cheese. i can taste* the cheddar and it's freaking me out.

craving cheezies, cheetos or other bright orange petroleum byproducts has little to do with craving actual cheese. i know - i have several wedges of spectacular and expensive italian cheese in my fridge. them, i didn't want. i wanted bright orange petroleum byproducts. instead i got organic cheez puffs that taste like cheddar. bastards.

good things:

people sitting on benches all along whyte avenue

that late afternoon light that makes me all giddy

having yummy homemade raspberry wine with my aunt and uncle in their lovely yard

weaving my way home after, in that delicious golden light

robins singing

organic cheez puffs - i admit, i am about to finish the whole damn bag, after all, they're organic! 

*they even say it right on the bag "real cheese you can taste in every bite." i guess i can't say they didn't warn me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just finished my bag today. They're supposed to be for Sacha's lunches. Whatever.