05 May, 2009

micromanaging the crap out of crap

1.i  went for a second walk/jog today and it felt good except for the one part which felt bad.

2. the one part which felt bad involved waiting for the cars to pass in order to j-walk across the street and then, of course, some fool decided to stop for me, even though he was the last fool in a group of fools and i didn't actually need him to stop, but still, that sort of thing is nice, if a dying art, but my initial annoyance burst forth in a curled lip and the waving of various appendages (no fingers - i don't play that way) and then i finally did cross in front of him (he was stopped after all) and i saw his goofy grin fade into hurt, and then, after i rolled my eyes and got to the other side i suddenly realised that i might have been singlehandedly responsible for turning one nice guy into an asshole and i felt rather terrible. stomp on the baby bird, stomp, stomp!

3. i went to work today, in an office that has a pool table in the waiting room, industrial concrete floors, and art by an old roommate of mine. it was ok as far as work goes. it also marked my entrance into the world of cougarship (cougarity? cougarishness? cougarosity?) i mean, i know i am not technically a cougar what with the marriage thing still going strong but there was this young thing, all of 22 years old (which, to the slower members of the congregation means he was born when i was 15! so i could conceivably have been his mother (had i been having sex (i had not) at that particular time in my life))). 

the minute this boy took off his glasses, i realised that he was a younger version of this guy and i promptly had to focus very hard on not licking him. it is hard to work on someone that close and not lick him. but i did touch him very very tenderly. a lot. 

mothers! lock up your nubile sons! i will lick them! (provided they look like this guy).

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