18 May, 2009

introvert! introvert!

although i like to go to bed early and get up early, i am not, under any circumstances, to be confused with a cheerful morning person. yes, i am up. yes, i'd rather be up and not waste my day sleeping, but no, i don't want to talk to you. in fact, chances are, the only person i am willing to talk to at this point is mr. m, and even that can be debatable.

now because my mom is always on the computer, and because she is 2h ahead on ontario time, she is always there to sweetly wish me good morning and have a wee little conversation about what i have planned for my day. all nice, this, but not for me, not in the morning, not when i have just gotten up and am resolutely misanthropically antisocial.

this has led to e-lurking. i will engage in a guerilla style email check - drop in, read emails, drop out. i leave my skype off the hook. i ignore chats. and i do feel guilty. i really really do. it's just that my aversion to early morning conversation trumps the guilt.

when i holidayed with my parents in arizona in april, my dad insisted on talking to me all morning. and talking. and talking. (this from a man who, at the best of times, is fairly monosyllabic (unless you get a political/religious discussion going but i refuse to delve into that here (or anywhere else, for that matter))) when i finally snapped, he wondered why i was so pissed off and, after actually thinking before answering for once, i realised that i am in no way shape or form angry in the morning, provided you shut the hell up

furthermore, i am being invited by family members to hang out with them, on account of my all alone monkeyless status, and as much as i appreciate the gesture and the genuine concern for my emotional well-being that informs it, i have to say i am loving being on my own. 

more and more evidence is cropping up that i may indeed have a very heavily disguised core of introvertedness.

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