14 May, 2009

i am the walrus

which is a song i have never understood, having taken too few drugs in my (admittedly somewhat soggy) life. let's drink to that. 

new year's resolution: take more drugs.

response: ok. could i bother you for some crack, please?

today i made up for having worked one day in april, and two days in may (so far). today i put in overtime. yes, i can see how you would have trouble imagining this, but it did happen. i was more of a passive recipient than an active participant, as i watched in growing horror as the dentist for whom i was working simply would not shut up. and because i am sure my temp agency charges him an arm and a leg for the privilege of working with the world's most likeable dental professional (yeah, me, bucko! wanna make something of it?), he will be deeply sorry when the bill comes for that last half hour which found me standing, eyes glazed, lips open, drool pooling on my non-iron scrub top while he regaled the patient with tales of his knee surgery and i periodically proved my alertness with cheerful non sequiturs and bon mots. my poorly simulated attention ain't cheap.

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