18 May, 2009

enthusiastic housewifery, accidental exhibitionism and the need to keep one's frank in one's pants

you know what? i really enjoy doing all the housewifey things, like shopping, planning meals, cooking said meals, laundry etc. i could totally be a 50's housewife (complete with drinking problem, hurray!).

why, just today, after washing the dishes, shredding important government documents (oops!), folding and putting away the air-dried laundry (is there a better smell?), i decided to tackle the small pile of minor sewing that needed to be done. you know: tightening some button holes so that i would no longer flash my bosom at random strangers (at winners and the movie theatre - my apologies, gentlemen), fixing some small tears and, last but not least, sewing up two pairs of mister monkey's underoos which, brand new and deadly comfortable, had the small yet serious problem of...ahem...not containing him entirely. and really, what is the point of underoos if your little dude is blowing in the breeze?

so, two glasses of a new zealand sauvignon blanc later, i engaged in the deadly sport of drinking and sewing. good thing mister monkey wasn't present, or he might have found himself permanently fastened to his sexy new underoos. ouch.


Pitur said...

maybe you should ask for one of those safety duffel bags that he collects for every day that you survive with all those sharp and dangerous objects around the house. They they are yours and you can give them away... or burn them, whichever. Problem solved.

the polish chick said...

but there is no problem...except that little drinking problem we don't talk about.