27 May, 2009

crazy is as crazy does

i went in to temp at an office today (this one decorated in warm mediterranean yellows, complete with columns, frescoes and trompe d'oeil all over the place) and ran into an old classmate of mine from dental cleaning lady school, who pretended not to know me. odd. at first i didn't know the skulking creature to be her, but then i looked closely and BAM! sure, she changed her name somewhat (imagine annabel becoming anna and you get the idea) but she has a very distinct face* and it was all i could do not to smack her for being an idiot. and even if she seriously did not recognize me, well, my name is a dead give-away. not many of us practising the tooth cleaning arts with this name and this particular face. 

people: can't live with them, and waiting for climate change to finish them all off is gonna take an awful long time...

*is there such a thing as an indistinct face? i mean, outside of spy novels, which seem to teem with them? as a child i was always worried that my face was so average (on account of myself seeing it all the bloody time, i imagine) that if i got lost, my parents would not be able to find me again. 

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