28 May, 2009

the bluebird of happiness and other urban myths

there are very few times in my life when i hate being a woman, like that occasional week of migraines and endless, bottomless, unreasonable blues. this week, for instance.

for the most part i love my body, my way of thinking, my ability to multitask and have a deep conversation with other women. i don't even mind the whole bleeding thing, even though in my case it is simply wasting its time. but this, this deep pit of hormonal despair, when the sun is shining, when all is well, and there is no reason under the sun to feel like i do, this sucks.

seems like i am not alone. i had one friend cry to me over the phone today, and another tell me her partner is falling apart emotionally and she is having a really hard time with it. so, ladies, some yoga breathing for everyone?

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