18 April, 2009

two (count'em: deux!) glasses of wine and i am ready to write, write, write or What I Want Out Of Life

1. to have one home that is a home, that feels like a home, that i plan on keeping as a home, that i invite people to with such astounding regularity that they will know where the wine is (hint: everywhere!) and that there is always a scrumptious variety of pickled items in the fridge. 

2. good authentic mexican food close by. i mean what is it with that thing that julio's barrio calls chilaquiles? have they even looked at a plate of chilaquiles? i think not. it'd be like making a vodka marinated steak and calling it cabbage rolls. words count, yes, but reality is still reality (at least until i have that third glass of wine).

3. to move to vancouver now. my good friend g (hi g!) just got her dream job over there and will be moving this summer. i, too, have a dream job in vancouver: it involves cleaning bear poop off the trails, pays peanuts and involves no insides of people (unless said people have been devoured, digested and voided by said bear). mr. monkey also has a dream job. his dream job involves being far far away from fort mac and not managing any people whatsoever (unless said people ditto). come to think of it, he could be my lovely assistant and hold the dustpan.

4. abs

5. random superpowers not involving fire, ice or turning green

6. a cambridge audio sonata ar30 - come on already!!! i am sick of the static. sick of it! SICK!

7. a pony

8. magic sparkly shoes that will eat dust and common household allergens while making me look 15 pounds thinner and 10 years younger

9. a third glass of wine?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi right back at you.

Tell Mr.M that if he doesn't move you to Vancouver quick like, he will have the face the wrath of G. Also tell him that he does NOT want to face said wrath.

By the way, I'm questioning your sanity at the moment. I can't believe you'd chose a family dinner over what's sure to be Leonard Cohen's last tour. Has Fort Mac made you soft in the head?

Luv ya anyway. Even though you're not in Vancouver yet. And even though you're not going to the concert.

Geneviève (aka g).