18 April, 2009

tequila polish brain

i was bored and re-reading my blog entries from christmas 2007. shit. i used to be funny then. and witty. and have people over. what happened? what took place in the last two years that caused me to turn from a cookie-baking, smartly-erudite, charmingly-plastered chick to a monosyllabic drunk  ?

three words: fort mac.


Anonymous said...

glad you are back. bring on the cookies. i don't remember any cookies, but bring 'em. j.

the polish chick said...

you don't remember my cookies? oh boy.
i make whole wheat pecan shortbread, extra spicy gingerbread cookies, gingerbread loaf, and ginger and spice almonds. and yes. i like ginger. a lot. this winter, if we don't go away over christmas, there shall be cookies. and lots of them.