14 April, 2009

residual winter smells like ass

i came back from arizona where they have atmospheric conditions that warrant the name of weather. here in alberta, what we have is snow. early snow, late snow, it's-fucking-spring-but-what-the-hell-let's-have-some-more-snow snow, first snow, slushy snow, fluffy snow, crunchy snow, yellow snow and all sorts of other snow. the only kind of snow we apparently don't seem to have in alberta is LAST snow. 

and nothing beats waking up before 5 am so you can drive your husband to his airplane to hell, and then drive back in snow and slush and howling gale force winds to your lonely house with the peeling ceiling paint. 

poor little moi.

did you miss me?

1 comment:

pitur said...

you make it sound like Edmonton is less than ideal. After not being there for 3 years, I can't remember having to put up with the weather. Then I went back to -30C over xmas and then I remembered...