14 April, 2009

re: clothes i need, require, yearn for

feathers. something with rhinestones and feathers. preferably around the neck. 

i'd channel some 40's film noir sex kitten and you'd love me so much more.

also, i need a drink, but i will wait for company. jools, ou est-tu?

so - the feathers: yes? no?


Anonymous said...

Feathers are tricky. I remember being in my early twenties and enjoying a show, by a fellow S.J.C.H.S. alumni, at the old Rusty's. Her feathers got all over the stage, just looked so cheap, it detracted from her implants. But hey, glue has come a long way. Just my two cents.

the polish chick said...

well, seeing as i only have one implant, and it's pretty far back in my jaw, i don't think the feathers would do a lot of damage, so there you have it.