22 April, 2009

rachmaninoff ate my lunch

3 days later and am i any smarter? any more self aware? 

instead of answering, let's all give a hearty shout out to all the sweaty motivational speakers out there who tell us that all it takes to succeed is to Believe In Oneself. sweaty goat balls to all the third world starvation artists who obviously just don't Believe In Themselves enough to eat. or feed their families. or survive in this super fantastic world that can be manipulated by the mind alone. jesus.

numerical perusal of things:

1. loud annoying dumb men can turn out to be loud funny good hearted men who love dogs. that prejudging thing keeps backfiring on me time and time again but i seem unable to step away from my eye-rolling, deep-sighing, "idiot"-muttering lifestyle until it is too late and i realise again that all my brains don't make up for a frozen little nugget of a heart. amen.

2. complete strangers can be amazingly supportive of each other, for no reason other than being stuck in the same room for three days, being forced to watch a video (yes! that quaint old-fashioned dirigible!) of above-mentioned sweaty motivational speaker.

3. i have had an easy life. eeeeasy. i do not stop and thank the universe enough.

4. apparently i straddle the sharp and pointy fence between introvertism and extrovertism and before you emit a raging howl of protest, apparently it's not just a question of mouthy drunken loudness, it is predominantly a question of where one recharges her batteries and, as much as i like you, my little chickens, my batteries get recharged when i am alone. sorry...i guess i did learn something new after all.

5. sunchips with an expiry date of yesterday will not kill you,* they will however be sold at a discount. this is a good thing.

*insofar as any fried snack product will not kill you, i.e. it will do so slowly.


Tom said...

Well you have surprised me! That's good. No straddling the fence, you're one of the blessed ranks of introverts. Lovely.

polish chick said...

nope - fence firmly straddled, tom. i stand behind the diagnosis! i am both!