28 April, 2009

ptooie! and other mortal wounds

i used to look up the weather so that i would, you know, know what the weather would be like. i now routinely check the environment canada weather website for sheer entertainment value. they have managed to maintain a 100% failure rate for roughly 98.3% of the last 3-4 weeks. 

today's forecast: sunny, 9C

actual weather: extreme cloudiness with fleeting miniscule unmentionably tiny little pathetic periods of what could optimistically be called the sun, 6C

this would not have passed muster in the good old days where farmer joe would stand scratching his overall-clad groin, looking up at the sky, muttering to hisself, "well, i reckon what with the birds over der yonder, and dem der bugs over around de clouds, i reckon we're in for a rainy night." chances are, he'd be right.

in a toss-up between environment canada and farmer joe, my money's on joe.

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