29 April, 2009

paint and other street drugs

the second bedroom has for a long time now been the repository of all manner of stuff. therein lie our books (which i love), our collection of mr. monkey's many duffel bags (which i don't), and other sundry items of lesser or greater importance. it has become the room that allows the rest of our house to look good and i think this has been taking a toll on its psychic energy. yesterday i lugged all the stuff out (thereby making the rest of the house look like a dump) and got ready to paint.

to be environmentally friendly i decided to use up all the leftover paint bits and pieces and make up a brand new colour.

2 parts baby blue paint (don't ask - it was supposed to be spa blue. it's not.)
1 part dirty yellow paint
1 part white paint
1/2 part indeterminate sand colour paint

imagine an elf princess fed on moonbeams and young birch leaves. the poop she would poop is roughly the new colour of the spare bedroom and i think i like it.

(i might also be high on the kind of special paint fumes you get when you randomly hurl various brands of paint together in one bucket and stir.)

also, in response to the buy handmade movement and to counteract the cheap made-in-china, ready-for-the-dump mentality of north american consumerism, mr. monkey and i splurged on a gorgeous sleek modern walnut dresser handmade in edmonton by a couple of great guys whose business i definitely want to support. it cost more than i have ever spent on a piece of furniture AND it was reduced. but in this case, well worth it. if you come over i might let you touch it, but you'll have to wash your hands.


Pitur said...

what is the difference between baby blue and spa blue?

the polish chick said...

baby blue is more in your face - the kind of blue seen in "it's a boy!" cards and walmart baby clothes.

spa blue doesn't make your teeth hurt. it's calm, watered down, relaxing and serene.
you're a (straight) boy. you don't have the genes to get colour. sorry.