28 April, 2009

more with the stuff about the things

more! annoyances! because it's 6:40 and i am cold! yay!

1. signaling is not optional.* i can't read your mind: it's small print so signal. let me know. 

2. enough with the ellipses. please, i am begging. learn to use commas already, it's not that hard. using ellipses does not make you seem deep, it makes you seem like an emphysematic "special" person slowly searching for the right word through the very small print of his tiny brain.

3. driving in the middle lane on the highway doesn't make you fast. going fast makes you fast. if you're driving slowly in the middle lane, you're still driving slowly, plus, you're an idiot. that's what the right lane is for. 

4. simple grammar lesson: you are = you're, it is = it's.  easy, right? you'd think so.

*unless, of course, you're a dodge ram driver, in which case you probably have a note from your lobotomist.

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