17 April, 2009

ich bin ein frankfurter now

whoooeeee! do i ever like drinking! honestly, i know you might not have noticed, but getting to this point in the evening, this lovely gently reverberating point, this totally zen point, the point when you REALLY GET the music, this point where it doesn't much matter that you have just chewed off every single last one of your fingernails, this, babies, is magic.

thank god for wine, that's all i have to say. and for all you religious nut-bars out there* - jesus was totally into wine. it's in the bible. 

*like i have religious nut-bars in my audience.**

**like i have an audience.***

*** i do, however, have facebook friends who engage in exchanges relating to their admiration for the latest hannah montana oeuvre, which makes me want to bash my face repeatedly into my deliciously user-friendly mac keyboard. with friends like these, who needs CNN?

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