17 April, 2009

ich bin ein berliner

6:04, friday night, drunk on 1.5 glasses of aussie shiraz that seems to have miraculously appeared in our booze cabinet (one of two) (booze cabinets not aussie shirazes). 

friday feels good. filled to the brim with artichoke ravioli with pesto and freshly grated pecorino romano. emiliana torrini on the speakers. reading "riding with rilke," a lovely book written by an edmonton u 0f a english professor whose teeth i cleaned and who told me how great it was to finally meet a literate hygienists. i told him most of us were literate, but most used their literacy for evil not good (how else would you describe the dental profession's predilection for danielle steele and her ill-begotten ilk?).

i have that good feeling that comes with having completed a day's work. which i did. today. first time in a while. last time for a couple of weeks. i don't want to overdo it.

i think right now that i could live in texas. anywhere, really, where people are friendly and snow is a rarity. maybe it's because i'm tired. maybe it's the tough night i had, filled with nightmares about purse-shopping. and really, don't ask, because i actually consider purse shopping a glorious communing with the gods, not the stuff of nightmares. but you can't argue with night-brain. night-brain takes the stuff of nightmares (escaping from homicidal deranged lunatics armed with chain-saws) and turns it into adventure but makes purse shopping monstrously disturbing.  

so: tired, tipsy, alone, enjoying the music/literture/wine combo. missing mr. m, sure, but must say this whole only child thing, it's coming in handy.

so - what are you doing this weekend?

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