20 April, 2009

back to the loch with you, nessie!

i tried to tell you something meaningful and then i realised that in this particular case meaningful meant boring. i wrote an email to g telling her all about it and used up all my witticisms on her. hey, g! can i have my witticisms back? g took all my witticisms, j remembers not my cookies, t is not responding to my emails, and environment canada keeps getting the forecasts dead wrong. but you know what? that's ok. 

i shall read for a while, finish my drinkie-poo (is it alcoholism if you drink alone? i did wait till after 5 (largely because i didn't make it home until then))

let's try to sum it up regardless: the planets seem to be aligning in such a way that thus it is written (or "wrote" as the dumb ones up north are wont to utter) that yay, verily, i must become a post secondary teacher of one thing or another. i could so stomach the 2-4 month holidays, but the sight of those faces, blank and yearning for knowledge, would turn my delicate guts. so i think i shall stick to my original plan - grizzly bear poop-scooping in bc's parks. 

what do you wanna be when you grow up?

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