14 April, 2009

airport musings part 2: SFO

frisco - for those too busy to say san francisco. and really, these days? who isn't?

i think i'll go find an air canada employee and be mean to them...it's only fair.

smells like butter=i like it. 

formaldehyde: make it laaaaast longer.

animal prints - just say no.

where is the starbucks?

hey! pretty boy! you're not that pretty!

you know what i want? a big 'fro ponytail.

the look i was going for was more bohemian chic, less street person. you know: boho over hobo. i'm not sure i managed to pull it off.

don't give me that look, lady! i wasn't the one flossing in public, now was i?

deep fried dough with sugar? put me down!

ok, seriously, where is the starbucks? isn't this the west coast?

mmmm...jack daniels....

hey! skinny girl! i like your shirt! i too wish i had no breasts!

that far off jumbo jet - does it really say "crown prince chico" on the side? i guess i'll never know.

tuberculosis: keep it to yourself.

no really, where is the starbucks?

french fries: god's way of saying "i love you"

hey! big hair girl in the washroom! your hair? it's SO BIG!!! the 80's are over...but maybe you're from the south...

peeing with my ipod made me realise that that's precisely what's been missing from my peeing experience up till now.

i left my heart in san francisco, my liver in whitecourt and my brain in fort mac. 

i think i'm done now.

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