20 March, 2009

someone get me a triple cheese and mushroom veggie burger and fries, stat!

being unemployed and stuck at home is making me eat. i have been eating and eating and eating, and then i take a snack break, after which i resume what i was doing before - snack breaks make me hungry.

just yesterday i pulled a classic and, following a bout of exercise, i popped into the mac's and bought a bag of cheetos. i looked at that bag and a bag of doritos but the doritos had 10 more calories per pack, and shit! i can't take that! gotta make the responsible choices, me!

and just so you know, the number of times in the last decade that i have purchased junk food intended specifically for me will equal roughly twice per annum. i do not do junk food. 

tonight i am going out with one group of girls from work for dinner and drinks. tomorrow i will repeat the procedure with another group. i think i will attempt a repeat performance of "one half litre of wine, no more, so help me god" so that i can take off my own pants when i come back home. keep your fingies crossed. 

also, i think i will have one of each and every item on earl's menu. and then ask for some bread on the side.  and dessert. and fries. and does that come with cheezies?

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