20 March, 2009

number ten! number ten! first time into the double digits in months!

  • did i ever tell you that as a child we never had any "fun" cereal at our house? ever? i think cornflakes were as crazy as my parents got, what with my dad's passionate love affair with bran. when i went to a friend's house who routinely had lucky charms, i went nuts. cereal that was sweet! with neon colours! and sweetness! and marshmallows! and lots and lots of sugar! now that i am an adult type person i never buy anything other than bran. go figure.
  • i never had a barbie (i must have told you this before, since i think it explains so very many of my emotional problems)
  • what is it with north america and the dual juice thing? why is it always apple or orange? you know, north america, there are other fruit around. and yes, i realise that you have reluctantly opened up your arms and welcomed the exotic grapefruit and cranberry into your fold, but hey! what about black currant juice? it fucking ROCKS with jack daniels and for me, that's reason enough why it should start appearing on grocery shelves everywhere, and not just at trader joe's.
  • and speaking of which, isn't it time trader joe's moved up into canada? i for one could use the 1.99$ wine and frozen vegetarian tamales. did i mention the 1.99$ wine? even if it turned out to be 3.99CAD it would still be worth it. please? you'd take vancouver by storm and we'd have one more reason to get our asses in gear and move there already.
  • this is the first recession that i have been actively aware of and i don't like it. feel free to stop anytime, ok? it's not like i am starving or poor or anything but i have fear issues when it comes to money and i can totally see us doing the grapes of wrath thing and i have no intention of living out of a vehicle or breast feeding a dying hobo! ok? (read the damn book if you don't know what i'm talking about)

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