18 March, 2009

get free stuff for staying alive!!!

we have a lot of stuff, and while i mainly blame the fact that for the last 5 years or so we have lived in double households (something that is about to come to an end in roughly 9 days! woohoo!) i also blame mr. monkey's work. 

every month or so he comes home with Free Stuff.  for the most part, the Free Stuff consists of duffel bags and thermoses. for the most part, the Free Stuff commemorates time passed without injury or death. which is kind of cool, but also a little bit scary: talk about excessive positive reinforcement for ideas that should, really, be rather obvious - go to work. survive. come home. repeat. i mean if you need a duffel bag to actually encourage you...

so, hey! here's a lovely day trip sized duffel bag for A Whole Year With No Dismemberment. enjoy. next month is 17 Consecutive Weeks Without Loss Of Digits duffel. then, just to change things up a bit, here comes the Whole Quarter With Minimal Blood Loss thermos. a nice thermos, too. then we're back to a 6 Months Fatality Free duffel bag. this one is silver. then to really make a dramatic point, here comes the 2 Years Of No Evisceration soft shell. and then, once more for good measure, Many Days Without Head Trauma duffel bag. this one is blue.

and what i say is enough already. 

anyone want a duffel bag?

(or a gorgeous chocolate wood round table that seats 6 comfortably? i might have been a trifle hormonally unbalanced when i bought it, b/c it is a wee bit big and we will never be big house people. really. i mean it. ask me about the table. it is both affordable and bee-oo-tee-full!)

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