22 March, 2009

dental drunks

last night was the second time i went out with the girls to earl's in as many nights. it was also the last time i shall ever do so. you could tell these girls' nights out were getting a tad frequent when over the course of the night various waitresses came up to me and said things like "so, are you on a limited alcohol consumption tonight?" or "you're here AGAIN?" or when i said to one "we were here last time and very drunkenly told you you were beautiful" she beamed back and said, "yeah, i knew i recognized you!"  so here is a great big shout out to kelsey, christine and tiffany for putting up with a table of obnoxious drunken assorted dental professionals with potty mouth and a sick sense of humour on multiple occasions. your patient, polite and friendly service offset the overpriced menu items and for one (or two) nights every couple weeks made me forget i was living in a gigantic malodorous greasy dump.

goodbye gigantic malodorous greasy dump. may you shrink like a well medicated hemorrhoid and let nature return to normal. wind power, people! wind power is where it's at!

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