11 March, 2009

10 years, 9 days of monkey love

(some of) the things i love about mister monkey:

1. crazy conversations (see previous post)

2. how he will go out of his way to shame the truculent cashier by being extra sunny and asking in a very warm caring voice how her day is going (i'd just have paid and muttered "bitch" under my breath as i grabbed my bag and walked away).

3. loving me on those days when i don't shower. or brush my teeth. or comb my hair. or get dressed...somewhat frequently as of late, what with the lack of the motivating presence of a job.

4. our private language, which i won't divulge. 

5. that time he watched me try to smash up a faulty phone on a carpeted floor and then gently directed me to the concrete portion of the basement, saying it would work better. and it did. it did.

6. his sense of humour, the only thing that would make marriage to little miss grumpypants here possible.

7. he doesn't own a comb

8. his tiredness is directly proportional to the height of his hair.

9. he has never and will never do something as crass and unimaginative as sending flowers to my place of employment just so that others can see how much he loves me. and he totally gets why i find this repugnant.

10. his funny looking square toes and his adamant  insistence that that is precisely the way toes should look

11. spooning

12. he will share that last bite of something he knows i love, although i must shamefacedly admit that i won't always...often...ever do the same

13. our secret knowledge of the deep abiding equality of our marriage which leaves him unruffled by my occasional (frequent?) displays of public bossiness

14. the fact that after 10 years (and 9 days) of being together i find him more interesting than all of my boyfriends after the third date put together.

15. he can take damn good photos and knows that the subject does not have to be in the exact centre of the picture come hell or high water (or the disturbing vastness of the ground beneath their feet, castle turrets in the background be damned) 

16. he will not allow me to carry big loads of groceries or luggage, but thinks nothing of sending me outside to mix 10 bags of concrete or pull 10" rusted nails from various planks

17. his eyes are green

18. his absolute and total tone-deafness

19. his love of dogs

there's plenty more where that came from but i don't want to put you off your dinner.
happy birthday mister monkey!


Anonymous said...

Yeah... but has he stopped hitting you?

the polish chick said...

oh, he's working on that. he promised. really!