13 January, 2009

striptease for seniors

you know what? i don't really feel like doing this today. i was going to write a snappy post about how well dressed everyone in poland seemed to be (youngsters through to grandmothers, all flair, elan and jauntily tied scarves! unreal!) but i can't seem to pull off snappy today.

at most you'd get some generic diet version of snappy. snappy light. snappy zero. 2 calories and all the taste of real high fructose corn syrup, except we all know diet anything tastes like a sunday afternoon in the fall, the gentle ripple of shattered expectations drifting gently to the pavement among the leaves: the end of the weekend, the end of summer, old age just around the corner and all...

whoo! that was something. but it wasn't snappy. and for you, today, i wanted snappy.

08 January, 2009

soul soup for the chicken

an exchange, with mister monkey trying to feed me some of his esoteric tomato soup*

moi: what are the white bits?

mr.m: yogurt.

moi: what are the black bits?

both: erupt in paroxysms of giggles

... after a while ...

moi: no, seriously! what are the black bits?

mr.m: there are black bits?

*mr. monkey's tomato soups comprise pretty much anything even vaguely tomatoey or red, that happens to be sitting in the fridge or pantry. previous occupants of mr. monkey's tomato soup include, but are not limited to, salsa, hot sauce, tomato paste, pasta sauce, HP sauce, ketchup, yogurt, and the mysterious black bits (probably herbs - we will never know)