15 November, 2008

so...about vegas

vegas: a synopsis

the people: freakishly friendly, except for that one bellman on the last day, and you know who you are, asshole! your attitude is the reason there shall be no tipping for you. ever.

the strip: good for exactly 1.47 days. we overstayed this by exactly 1 day.

the desert: gorgeous, glorious, spectacular, peaceful, breathtaking, calming, did i already say gorgeous? i want more.

american news networks post-election:* pretty much business as usual, i.e. absolutely no world coverage at all. had there been a disaster that claimed the lives of millions and wiped paris off the face of the earth, we would not have known. unless sarah palin had pressed the button.

overall: the only real difference i found between the casinos of the various hotels was the smell. the wynn had a citrusy floral fragrance, the mirage smelled like old lady perfume, and our home, the sahara, smelled like cigarette butts with a subtle but pervasive undertone of dried camel dung (for verisimilitude, undoubtedly).

there was a disturbingly high percentage of persons with reduced mobility and while i get that vegas is one place where you can easily holiday entirely while sitting down, i don't get wanting to maneuver your wheels through crowds of vomiting fratboys.** also, who brings children and pregnant women to vegas? has second hand smoke been shown to have radical health benefits for both the unborn and the recently born?

in a nutshell: the best part of our trip to vegas was the bits we spent outside vegas. the lake mead drive is spectacular; red rock canyon stole our hearts; death valley's artist's palette was probably one of the most unusual and astonishing bits of nature i have ever witnessed. ok, the snow on the way to mt. charleston made me want to weep, knowing there was 6 more months of that ahead of me...but the views were purdy!

so, where are we going next?

*about freakin' time!!! yay!!!

**who will go home to oklahoma and call this "good times"

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