15 October, 2008

X marks the spot

i am losing faith in democracy. what, pray tell, is the bloody point of even showing up to vote in alberta, unless of course you suffer from a brain deficiency that causes you to think stephen harper is NOT satan's own footman? apparently this election's voter turnout was one of the lowest, but hey, at least we know that the fear tactics practised by the progressive conservatives work somewhat.

here are some would-be PC campaign slogans which they totally should have used since this is what their campaign amounted to:

"the sky is falling!"
"drug dealers are raping our children on their way home from bible study!"
"artists use bad words and waste tax-payers' hard earned beer money!"
"all environmentalists are closet marxist-leninist homosexuals!"
"america's butt: where we like to hang out!"
"shifty eyed young offenders are lurking right outside your grandma's door!"
"slowing down oil development is like hammering nails into little baby jesus!"

and yes, in case you are wondering, i did vote. i got up extra early, put a useless X next to a name (not the marxist-leninist, though i got a huge kick out of seeing him there, you go, you dreamer, you!), hoping that since i live in a funky organic granola type neighbourhood i'd have a chance, a little tiny chance...riiight. this is alberta: trucks. drunks on quads. oil money. not a chance.

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the Dude said...

Unfortunately, fear works. George W. perfected it and now Steve used it to his advantage. All around my redneck town (which is in the heart of one of the strongest economies in the world) I heard people saying they were scared to vote anything but PC because they couldn't afford their taxes to go up. Next election I think the Greens should scare the shit out of people with images of Vancouver and Halifax under water, two headed babies in Fort Mac, and a robotic Prime Minister.