01 October, 2008

splat goes the weasel

  • last friday i wasted my whole day at a dental expo, accompanied by a very nice person who truly believes she is not a keener but who forced me to sit through 2 and a half courses, where alone (or with cher monsieur antoine) i would have sat through at most possibly one. the joy of the honour system is that it allows bastards like me to escape cerebral hemorrhage caused by sheer boredom. it was so bad that i left early without consuming my free wine.

    but hey, the breakfast pastries were fresh.

  • that morning, while waiting for the bus downtown, i noticed that someone had violently graffiti'd a handicapped sign on the bus stop, and i just wanted to say that i totally get that, those bastard handicapped people with their attitude: "fuck you!!! i have no legs!!!"

  • then the three of us at same bus stop, morning hair, sleep-deprivation glinting dangerously through our crusty eyes, crankiness cranked up to 9, were accosted by a maniacally chipper woman in a long skirt. if the skirt hadn't alerted us, the joyful grin ought to have: high on jesus, and ready to make a sale. no thank you, crazy lady, my religious days, much like the middle ages, are long over.


the Dude said...

It must have been really bad if you missed your free wine. Mind you, had I been there we would have missed the free wine too. By that time we would have been on martini #6 and blocks away from the keeners.

Anonymous said...

from jools