22 September, 2008

up the wazoo without a paddle

i spent the weekend swearing at the computer. at slightly irregular intervals i also smacked the couch (it is made of low quality armpit leather, is soft and therefore hurts less, but makes a deliciously resounding smacking noise that satisfies the bloodthirsty barbarian hordes that apparently reside within my soul). all this was accompanied by the rolling rrrrr's of a certain polish swearword (don't be shy! admit it! if you know one polish word, this is the one you know!). i think we need a new computer: 4 is the new 82.

i managed to clean up my i-tunes, reconfigure my i-pod, do several loads of laundry, force my bloated carcass to endure half an hour of yoga, cook a bigass pot of beans, and never once stepped outside. some prefer to face reality, moi? i'll take denial any day. their reality, in all statistical likelihood, does not include fort mcmurray. unless it does.

note to self: must write more about god and cars, since it is these two (possibly) unrelated subjects that generate swift and multiple responses. which i like, because it makes me feel like i have a readership. a ship of readers, if you will, streaming...steaming...swimming...(what in the name of god do ships do?????!!!!) through the rough waters of my verbosity.

ed. note (next day): sails. a ship sails. yes, i am embarassed.

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