20 September, 2008

oh liver, my liver, how mistreated thou art

last night: dinner with the girls


more wine (but, and this has got to be stressed, not that much more wine)

unzipped my boots in the elevator, ran down the hall undoing my belt, exploded into the apartment clothes flying because i had to pee like i have never had to pee before. ever. in the bathroom i peed and peed and peed and, because i am a chronic multitasker, i took off the rest of my clothes much to mr.m's amusement. then i brushed my teeth, washed my make-up off and went to bed like a good girl. i was pissed by 8:45, in bed before 11. pathetic.

problem: when drunk, i talk waaay too much (and apparently repeat the same old stale tales each and every bloody time), and feel like an ijit the following day

solution: simple, no? and yet i seem unable to apply it. what can i say? mommy likes her wine.

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Pitur said...

When I am drunk I to things that make me feel like an ijit the next day. There are more of us here.