05 September, 2008

new sippy cup for mommy!!!

it took a village to find this sippy cup: multitudes searched through various baby-themed stores on commercial drive, kits, granville island and other swanky vancouver neighbourhoods. granville rise proved the most fruitful in the sippy cup department: the sheep had me at hello. can you imagine a better theme than wacky falling sheep, when what you want is to get good and smackerdoodled? i thought not.
also, i believe this bottle is guaranteed not to cause brain damage or leach harmful chemicals into your brain or something, above and beyond, of course, whatever harmful chemicals one might choose to place in the bottle in the first place, hoping that in the course of their consumption some sort of evil chemical leaching will hopefully take place.
i can now drink red with impunity. world, your carpets are now safe.

1 comment:

the Dude said...

I well up with tears when I see how much you've grown up these days. I'm almost a proud papa.