13 August, 2008

political interlude

can i be serious for a moment?

the harper government has just cut two arts-funding programs.

any homicidal maniacs out there looking for heads of state to assassinate? may i make a suggestion?

his name is stephen harper. he has the small cold hard heart of a tyrannical despot. he believes in democracy only in so far as it can place him in a position of power. his hair reveals his soul: plastic, immobile, unnervingly impossibly perfect, just plain wrong.

he has taken canada, a country of gorgeous liberal values, and is slowly remaking it in his image. behind-the-scenes shenanigans, backroom deals, silent shifts: slowly we are having all that is precious taken away from us and, being children of democracy and freedom, we simply do not believe that anything truly bad could ever happen in this, the best of all possible systems, and so we sit silently by, perhaps cursing a little under our collective breath, when we should be out in the streets, burning effigies, screaming our heads off, demanding that the opposition stop taking it silently up the ass and stand up for us, that the minority government stop acting like an african dictatorship and listen to the people, that we get our country back.

so say we all.

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