30 July, 2008

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...sometimes it is sooo much more

i really think i must have some good old brownie points with the little baby jebus upstairs, cause you know what? today i was finally going to have a full day. full of what, you ask? why, full of the delicious goodness of the mangy unwashed masses, of course! full of cranky malodorous types who believe that once a decade constitutes a perfectly reasonable frequency of both brushing and dental visits. in short, a day full of the prerequisite number of patients. this, of course, would have made it the first day since my return from holidays that i would have actually had a full caseload...


until the electricity went ker-plonk right after my third patient. we sat around the reception area for nearly an hour, taking turns borrowing the one candle to go use the windowless bathroom facilities, eating jujubes and lemon squares*, and bulshitting, until the boss-lady told us it would probably take a while to restore power and we could all just go home.

hurray! today, i can say with full confidence that jebus loves me. how else do you explain the mysterious confluence of all the wonderful ways in which i went to work every day, and barely did any work for the past two weeks? of course i will not be getting paid, but screw that! money is so overrated when you actually have to earn it.

i think i will have to go back to selling crystal meth to kindergarteners; it is so much more fulfilling AND lucrative, as far as careers go. plus they are so easy to intimidate: you just take their dora the explorer action figure away and... BINGO! out comes the lunch money!

*dental offices are the worst for junk food. of course, i don't consider jujubes junk food. they aren't even food in my book: tasteless hunks of petroleum byproducts coloured with various lead dyes and flavoured with car-exhaust...mmmm...yummy.

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Pitur said...

I love the days when something like this happens. Last year, the fires kept me out of work for a week. Not that I loved the fires, but still... you get my point.