26 July, 2008

the secret life of paramecia

last night i had one of the best meals i have had in a long time. and it was at a fort mcmurray earl's. shocking, no?

listen: grilled sablefish with a brown butter sauce, some sort of tomato-garlic concoction, wilted spinach and garlic mashed potatoes. it was spectacular. it was gorgeous. i think i might have used the word "amazing" about 6 times in two sentences when talking to the waitress. i might even have offered to marry the chef, though i will deny this in court and really, i am a little sketchy on the details, on account of the margaritas and the wine i had consumed earlier. but the meal? yum.

on other fronts, back to work sucked the marrow from my bones, chewed me up and spit me up face down on maggot-infested gravel. but i made it through the week largely through the selfless generosity of my patients who, apparently sensing my spiritual malaise, decided to fail to show up for a majority of their appointments. i believe i averaged 3-4 patients a day all week and it sure put a smile on my face. fail all you want, you miserable malodorous bastards! i have just over half a year left!*

friday was capped off with drinks with the girls at a thoroughly uninspiring fort mac watering hole, with the instantly forgettable name of something mcsomething's, but the food was greasy, and the margaritas cold, and the fake-bronzed uber-muscular utterly frightening androgynous waitress only came on shift just as we were leaving, so it was a decent afternoon. the amazing dinner with s. and mister monkey followed, and, like the good girl that i am, i was in bed (drunk, mind you) by 11pm.

*less, if the argentinian, chilean and other assorted south american welders continue to pulverize their newfoundlander competition and work their tight little latin asses off, showing fort mac how it's done, baby! ole!

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