29 July, 2008


someone i know once dated a girl who practised a particularly virulent form of one-upmanship.

say your grandfather had just died of a heart attack, hers would have been mauled to death by a pack of rabid poodles lately escaped from a circus.

if you mentioned in passing that you had ridden a horse at summer camp, she would regale you with tales of how once, in north africa, having been kidnapped by a group of touaregs, she had ridden across the dessert bareback on an angry camel, naked, to make her escape.

heaven forbid your friend had just had a baby, hers had just given birth to a two-headed calf, following an alien abduction and sick trans-species breeding experiments.

it's a good thing it didn't last.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah? well i had a friend who.... wait a minute.

what's going this weekend? are you around? call me! -- jools

Pitur said...

I like the mauling by pack of rabid poodles.