06 July, 2008

everybody is polish

in london at least...or so it seems.

so, this london:

old. lots of statues of men on horses. lots of old things.

lots of people with poor teeth, bad skin and a great taste in hats. not that good looking, but , man, those hats!

did i mention old?

turns out i'm a new world kinda gal. nice place to visit, this england, but i really wouldn't want to live here. not least because i would get killed what with the wrong side of the road thingie. did you have any idea how entrenched the right-left-right thing is? each time i force myself to look in the "correct" direction, i feel my well-trained reptilian brain cringe with fear, and i sense a giant truck filled with frozen mcdonald's french fries bearing down on me.

so no. no england. i'll take canada. i'm coming home.


Bob S. said...

Hi Kippered Snacks...I googled "Rhymes with Bob" to work on a political sign idea I've got and your blog popped up for some reason. I started reading it and it was addictive. I've wasted part of an hour but it was interesting and kind of riveting.

the polish chick said...

thanks, bob s! how about "orange rhymes with bob"? not very political, i know, but catchy and odd!