17 June, 2008

spastic colon in the sunny afternoon

which is just my way of saying that i have no topic in my head, but only itchy fingers that want to blather away completely unharnessed to actual thought.

sort of like the weekend of the preceding post.

and last weekend, when the girls had an early afternoon spa party (where the strawberry daquiris flowed liberally), followed by a 7 pm bbq, to which we girls rolled in rather racuously drunk. be proud: i was not the one puking that night. hey, thanks to mr. monkey's horrific oily work schedule, i was in bed before eleven. but three sheets to the wind nevertheless.

on the morrow, we made some heartfelt resolutions pertaining to alcohol consumption et al, but i am not convinced that i have staying power when a nice merlot calls my name in that sweet sweet warbling voice...oh yes, baby! mama hears you! mama's coming!!!

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