10 June, 2008


post tony tuesday: liver toxicity levels - stabilising. brain function - returning to normal.

we spent a much needed weekend chez antoine and i think we might not be invited again. ok, i think i might not be invited again. you see, i have this little problem, and no, not my drinking problem, although they are closely related. my problem is that long after my brain has become a soggy wine-logged mess, my mouth continues its ceaseless and unsupervised function.

so kids, you all know not to drink and drive. let's toss a few more pieces of advice on that particular pile:
don't drink and message your parents.
don't drink and peel and cut pineapples.
if you are foolish enough to do it, don't drink and feed the dog the entire pineapple core and whatever happened to fall on the floor, which, depending on the blood alcohol content may be a lot.
don't drink and meet friends' childrens' significant others.
don't drink and have lengthy heart to heart talks with troubled teenage girls.
and finally, don't drink and drink.

aaaah...good times!


the Dude said...

Of course you'll be invited again, anytime you like. The dog got over her pineapple diarrhea and caught up on her sleep, and I'm finally over my headache.

We need weekends like that every once in a while to remind us how great it is when we all get together, and that we shouldn't wait so long to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT's a party! -jools