25 June, 2008

did somebody say clean underwear?

seemingly have all the details of my trip to london worked out. the poland bit as well. and then my mom is already starting to prepare food for my arrival in ontario. all is well. except...i don't wanna go.

today i had a patient who was all grumpy on account of his trip this summer to london, amsterdam and inverness. we had a good laugh over our eerily similar reaction to what most of the general population would whoop it up over, i.e. "i'm going to europe!!! weeee!!!"

not us, man. we're all, fuck europe, man. i wanna go to the okanagan.

so yeah, if all my luggage (i.e. one bit, i am a chronic underpacker) manages to follow me all the way through my (roughly) seventeen plane changes, i will be a happy girl. moreover, i shall be a happy girl with clean underwear!

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Anonymous said...

focus on the cheese!