15 May, 2008

the meaning of life as taught to me by penguins

the bbc's planet earth is responsible for the deep funk i find myself in. specifically, it is the penguins' fault.

pondering the meaning of life i come across the penguins: they are cute and their lives are unbelievably harsh. they live in a shitty climate, have young, their young continue to live in a shitty climate, they have young, their young also live in a shitty climate and so on. the point being? well, just to make more penguins apparently.

so by stepping outside the true meaning of life (make more humans), by denying my procreative nature (physically, not psychologically speaking), i am losing the one meaning life has: to make more life.

sigh. if i believed in god i would have some meaning to scrape off the dried plate of my existence. if i wanted children, ditto. as it is, i sit here now and think to myself that there is very little point.

coincidentally, mister monkey is also going through an existential crisis. is this a philosophical mid-life crisis? should we buy a corvette? have an affair with a dumb hot young thang? or start tanning and wearing heavy gold chains?


the Dude said...

I'm all about the gold chains on your pasty white Eastern European flesh.

I find (and I am slightly older than you) that I pass through these introspective periods quite routinely. I feel like something/someone is trying to tell me something and then I just hit the snooze button again. Now I want to wake up but haven't really figured that part out. Maybe it's similar for you?

Anonymous said...

Maybe your purpose is to touch other people's lives. pure and simple. easy to imagine, already happening, daily.

the polish chick said...

and people's mouths. don't forget touching people's mouths.

gee...perhaps "make more penguins" is the better directive.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the possibility that there is no "meaning" to it all and that as long as you do no harm, you might as well just have a good time while you're here. At least that's what I'm trying to convince myself of today.