19 April, 2008

vacuuming IS hazardous to your health

this morning i woke up with a massive hangover which is odd considering i haven't had a drink in several days. i choose to take it as a blessing from the lord god almighty hisself to indulge all i want with the girls tonight, having already paid my penance.

i also did yoga, several loads of laundry and then i vacuumed, swept and washed the floors, followed by a frightening weak spell, clearly another message from the heavens, this one prohibiting me from excessive housekeeping fervour, which is fine by me, seeing as the last time i vacuumed here shall remain shrouded in mystery on account of me wanting you to remain friends with me instead of calling the health department's emergency services and sterilizing any and every thing i might have ever come in contact with at your house.

ah so...the smell of cooking ham* wafting gently through the newly gleaming house, soft jazz on the i-pod and the prospect of going out with da girlz and drinking large quantities of liquor...a good weekend, quoth i. may yours be similarly blessed.

*mr.m's, not mine, i am not above performing occasional unpleasant wifely duties on account of loving the dude.

also, the last battlestar galactica episode sucks. i am not happy at all.


Anonymous said...

What does Mr. M make you do with the ham, and do I want to know?

the polish chick said...

that's for us married folks to know. if you need to ask, you are sooo out of the loop. what does he do with the ham indeed! silly question!

pitur said...

he slaps it, slaps it hard...